Revealed: Your Opinions on the Environment

4 10 2011

Is this what Climate Change looks like?

Over the past month, The Duke of Ed team have been searching under every surface and have left no stone unturned for information on the environment including fun facts, ways to help save the environment and, most importantly, your opinions and stories about the environment.

We asked you: Are you worried about Climate Change?
You told us: YES! 75.2% of people that responded are concerned about climate change and the environment. Extreme weather (such as droughts and flooding) is the top reason to be concerned with 50.5% of people telling us that this is what worries you the most. Second to this was the impact that Climate change may have on the future (44.1%) and Global Warming (41.9%).
Of those that weren’t concerned about Climate Change (24.8%), 40% of people said that they didn’t believe in Climate Change.

We asked you: Do you consciously do anything to help the environment?
You told us: Definitely. 93.5% of people said that they do by recycling (91.3%), using energy efficient lighting (85.2%) and reducing waste by not using so much packaging (65.2%). The few that don’t consciously help the environment have said that they don’t think about the environment on a daily basis (100%) believe that they can’t make a difference on their own (12.5%) and don’t believe in Climate Change (12.5%).

We asked you: Are you aware of the proposed Carbon Tax?
You told us: That you are – 94.2% of people know about the Carbon Tax with 39.2% believing that there are no guarantees that this tax will reduce carbon emissions. 29.2% of people believe that it is a good thing that will lead to a cleaner Australia with 21.7% worrying about how it will affect our finances with the belief that it is an unnecessary added expense.

What you had to say:
• “I’m worried about all sea life like the Great Barrier Reef and other ecological wonders that will be destroyed by the rising sea levels.”
• “I don’t think the current understanding is enough to call any changes in climate abnormal or blame human activities for it.”
• “Rather than focussing on how to gain money from such issues as the Carbon Tax, we should all instead look at it on a personal level. Rather than enforce fines and regulations, media and celebrities should be brought to frontline the issue. More bins in public places, smarter choices when desalination plants are created, less packaging for more foods and other examples can all be encouraged for the environment.”
• “Moreton Bay Boys College is committed to acting as a steward for biodiversity and the natural environment. Our community undertakes regular tree planting and weeding events, supports a community garden, utilises solar and wind energy at school among other sustainability initiatives.”
• “I think that the people that organise Clean up Australia Day need to be congratulated on the amazing job that they do.”
• “I have started bush walking due to the Duke of Ed and have formed quite an amazing relationship with the environment. I think if people were to follow in these steps, they would understand just how important nature really is, and in saying this, might cause a positive effect on how the environment is effected by negative human impact.”

Thank you for answering questions on the environment, giving us your opinions and sharing your special stories with us. You know that this doesn’t have to end and you can continue to chat to us about the environment (good and bad) on our Facebook and Twitter pages or reply to our blog posts.

We would love to hear from you!




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