Using The Duke of Ed to Use Your Voice

18 10 2011

We all have a voice. I know you are probably laughing thinking that is seemingly obvious, but it’s true. Within us all is a voice, YOUR VOICE in fact. This voice has the ability to be used, be heard and make a huge difference within the world and can empower yourself and other young people. How do I know this? Because here, at The Duke of Ed there are a number of young people undertaking the Award who use their voices every day with great success!

To kick start the conversation and to begin to hear your voices, we have put together a guide on ways you can fine tune your voice while you complete your Duke of Ed:

Physical Activity
How does your physical activity section help you use your voice? Ever heard the expression “healthy body, healthy mind”? If that isn’t convincing enough this section of The Duke of Ed allows you to learn a few key things that lead you on the journey to empowerment:

Use and learn to love your voice!

1. How to work as a team and interact with other people
2. Ways to encourage yourself and your team mates with positive feedback
3. Feel passionate about your activity? Use your voice to motivate and encourage your team and others.

Volunteering is all about helping others or a cause you are passionate about. What better way to use your voice than to draw attention to a worthwhile cause?

The Duke of Ed Gold Awardees Ramla and Lucky Giirre migrated to Australia from Somalia in 1994 as refugees. As part of their Duke of Ed Volunteering project, Lucky and Ramla used their voiced to found The Muslim Girls Kollective (MGKollective) to act as a support network for refugee women to decrease feelings of social isolation and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Ramla and Lucky have continued to grow the MGKollective and have made their thoughts on the issues experienced by young migrant women heard on a global scale by attending and presenting a paper at the 20th World Health Promotion conference in Geneva in 2009.

Use your own skills and your own knowledge to help use your voice! Organisations such as Toastmasters International allow you to develop your communication and leadership skills to allow you to better use your voice. Alternatively, your skill could help you brush up on a topic you would like to make heard in society, whether it be human rights, the environment or even health and nutrition!

Whether this be a skill for your personal life, professional life or to help you with a cause you feel enthusiastic about, your skill section of The Award is a sure fire way to make your voice heard.

Adventurous Journey
Trekking through bushland helps you use your voice? Fact. Your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey is often an amazing experience, whether this be a trip to the Blue Mountains, doing an urban city based Adventurous Journey or kayaking for several days, the Adventurous Journey is generally very different to what you usually experience!

Use your voice (and your Adventurous Journey) to share your experiences with others in your school, community or workplace, empower others and prove that anything is possible.

Over the next month, we want to hear your voices and would love you to hear all about the way you use your voice on Facebook, Twitterby using the #dukesvoice hashtag, completing our survey or by sharing your comments with us on this blog!




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20 01 2012

inspiring story ..:)

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